A P2E focused cryptocurrency

GULL's vision is to pave the way for playable Crypto games.

The Gaming Bull token will be used to enter and play online games. Each game enables you to win and earn more tokens which can be used to earn BTC, ETH etc or if you loose, the staked tokens burn, pushing the price forward which will be more conducive to the deflation of The Gaming Bull. The Gaming Bull has limited supply of 50 million with no minting.





Treasury System

A treasury will be put in place with buybacks to ensure a floor price.

Gaming Variety

The same token will be used across all games and partial progress can be migrated from one game to another.

Milestone Burns

We will be burning tokens once we reach certain holder milestones and project accomplishments.

Value Preservation

GULL will be used for game purchases, and another token will be used as a reward in the games to preserve the main token's value against inflation.


The token will be initially available on Pancakeswap. It will later get listed on more exchanges opening the door to more investors.

The buying and selling slippage will depend on the buying quantity, we recommend setting it between 6% and 12%.

Yes, the contract has been verified on BscScan.

Yes, there will be airdrop events for holders from time to time. Please follow us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated on the events.

There will be periodic burns for the tokens, also, every game where Gull are used to play or bet, that part will be burned as well.

The games are under development. We will start with Casino games and then later introduce more games such as PvP shooting and & War games.

Out of a total supply of 50 million, 10% tokens are allocated for the team, 10% for the game development, 5 % towards Marketing and 5% in Liquidity.

Yes, the liquidity has been locked on DeepLock.io .

For any inquiries, email us at: